Tuition & Fees

Maryland State Department of Education have established rates for Chelsea School as following for School Year 2016-2017:

Description of Services 2014-2015 Cost
Tuition for the Year $37,572.08
Counseling Services $124.43 per hour
Occupational Therapy $95.00 per hour
FY2015 Extended School Year (ESY) $2,526.48
Speech-Language Pathology $101.34 per hour
One-to-one (Non-classroom aide) $25 per hour
Tutoring Services 2014-2015 Cost
Writing Programs $70 per hour
Mathematics $70 per hour
Reading Programs $70 per hour
ACT/SAT Prep $70 per 1 hour session
Social Skills Classes $75 per 2 hour session
Technology Programs 70 per 1 hour session
Speech and Language Diagnostic Evaluation Cost to non-students
Testing $130 per hour
Data Analysis <1-3 hours) $130 per hour
Parent Feedback Conference $130 per hour
Written Report $130 per hour
Speech and Language Therapy $130 per hour

Our financial aid is determined through a program Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST). Please note though we try to accomodate to the financial needs of our families but there is no full scholarship at Chelsea School.


For more details on financial aid please contact Debbie Lourie, Director of Admissions, at 240-467-2100 ext. 303, or by clicking the contact link below.