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Admissions Checklist

Completed Application

Record Release Form signed by parent or guardian

Full battery of cognitive testing within two years of application (WISC-III, IV, or Stanford-Binet IV) - Abbreviated tests are not acceptable

If available, supplemental aptitude or processing test, within two years of application (e.g.: Woodcock-Johnson Revised: Test of Cognitive Ability, Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude-4th Ed.

Full battery of normed and standardized educational testing, within one year of application (e.g.: Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement – 3rd Ed.)

Reports of evaluations from speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, if applicable

Social-emotional testing and counseling reports, if applicable

Current Individualized Educational Program (IEP), if available

Report cards from the last three academic years, including current year

Official transcript for high school students

Two Recommendation Forms completed by professionals currently working with the applicant

Non-refundable processing fee of $50

Current photo of the applicant